19th July 1940 H.M.S. BRAZEN sunk off Folkestone

H.M.S. BRAZEN: B Class destroyer: Ship's length 329 feet by 32.5 feet beam, and a 12 foot draught. Built by Palmer & Co., launched 27th July 1930; tonnage 1360 tons displacement. Speed 35.25 knots, by 2 shaft Parsons, geared turbines, 3 Admiralty three drum boilers, oil. 35,000 shp. Armament: four 4.7" guns, two 2- pounders, pom-pom; five machine guns; eight 21 inch torpedo tubes. Torpedoes Mk V and Mk IV. Complement 138.

She was build at a cost of £221,156 excluding Admiralty supplied items. Initially the ship was part of the Mediterranean Fleet in the 4th Destroyer Flotilla and in 1935 transferred with the Flotilla to the Home Fleet.H.M.S. Brazen, was engaged in convoy protection No CW7 was attacked by German bombers.

Her guns shot down three before her back was broken, and sunk during tow to Dover, Petty Officer Stoker Frederick A. Stiles, D/KW 79853, died of wounds and four stokers were wounded. The destroyers last minutes, as she sinks with a broken back after a Stuka dive bomber attack on "Convoy CW7", in which she shot down three JU-87’s German Stukas, while protecting the convoy