31st October 1915 H.M.T. OTHELLO II Sunk off Dover 

H.M. Trawler “Othello II” was built 1907 by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Ltd., Beverley . (Peace-time operator: Hellyer Steam Fishing Co. Ltd., Hull) 100ft, 206 ton. Launched 1907. Port No H956 Sunk by mine off Dover, laid by the German coastal mine laying submarine UC-6 under the command of Matthias Graf von Schmettow.

HMT Othello II was part of the Dover Patrol Admiralty Trawlers and was part of the Minesweeper force and sent to Patrol an area between the Goodwin Gate and the Gull Lightship on the 31st October 1915. As she battled her way out to the site against a strong gale from the SSE, at 1155 am she hit a mine laid by UC-6. The mine detonated amidships the explosion  caused extensive damage to her port side amidships and distorted the cabin door and wheel-house windows that neither doors or windows would open so much as they could be opened.

The second-hand, skipper and helmsman in the wheelhouse managed to squeeze and push the cabin boy out of through a window opening but they could not follow and went down with the ship. He was the only survivor of the ten men onboard. This incident caused all the wooden doors in the Dover Patrol force to be replaced with canvas screens which later saved several lives.


Sunk off Dover on 31th October 1915


BALDRY, Deck Hand, 7506DA. JOHN WILLIAM. Royal Naval Reserve, Age 29. Son of John William and Maria Baldry of Grimsby, Lincolnshire. Husband of Maria Baldry of 63, Tiverton Street, New Cleethorpes, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

BUTT, Ordinary Seaman, 1592/X. FREDERICK JAMES. Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve. Aged 20.

LOW, Engineman, 2387ES. HENRY. Royal Naval Reserve, Husband of Gertrude Low of 14, Edinburgh Street, Hessle Road, Hull, Yorkshire.

MARTIN, Deck Hand, 4497/DA. ALBERT. Royal Naval Reserve, Age 26. Husband of Clara E. Munday (formerly Martin) of 9, Botanic Avenue, Convent Lane, Hull, Yorkshire.

McLACHLAN, Skipper, DUNCAN CAMPBELL, Royal Naval Reserve, Age 37. Son of Hugh and Agnes McLachlan, of Kinning Park, Glasgow: Husband of Ruth McLachlan of 4 Middle Street, St Thomas. Swansea.

MILLETT, Second Hand, 1363S. JOHN RICHARD. Royal Naval Reserve.

RAMSTER, Trimmer, 2246TS. ARTHUR. Royal Naval Reserve, Aged 19. Son of William and Mary Elizabeth Raster of Hull, Yorkshire.

WATSON, Engineman, ALFRED HENRY, Royal Naval Reserve, Age 31. Son of the late John Henry and Elizabeth Watson, of Hull: Husband of Margaret Ann Watson of 84 Eastbourne St., Hessle Rd., Hull.

WRIGHT, Trimmer, 3530TS. FREDERICK. Royal Naval Reserve, Age 17. Son of Clara Wright of 130, Stanley Street, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

We should remember them.

This shipwreck is not protected as an offical War Grave.

However WW1 mementoes or souvenirs taken by divers from this shipwreck including the bones of the dead, should be reported to the Receiver of Wreck . https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/receiver-of-wreck