Just some of the wrecks of the Channel

"WAR GRAVES" are shown in Italic


H.M. Hospital Ship, sunk off Folkestone, 17th November 1915.
H.M. Yacht, sunk off Dover, 31st October 1915.
H.M. Destroyer, sunk off Folkestone, 19th July 1940.
H.M. Paddlesteamer sunk off Dunkirk, 18th March 1917

Falmouth III

H.M. Trawler, sunk off Folkestone, 19th November 1915.
H.M. Destroyer, sunk in the Channel, 27th October 1916.
H.M. Monitor, sunk in Dover Harbour, 16th September 1918.
German Battleship, sunk off Folkestone, 31st May 1878
H.M. Destroyer, sunk off Dungeness, 8th February 1917.
H.M. Seaplane Carrier, sunk in the Channel, 31st October 1914.
Collier sunk off Folkestone on 25th July 1940
H.M. Submarine sunk in the Channel, 26th January 1932.
P&O Liner sunk off Dover, 27th February 1916
H.M. Trawler, sunk off Dover, 31st October 1915.
H.M.S Paragon sunk off Folkestone / Dover 18th March 1917
German Submarine sunk off Folkestone 4th March 1915.
German Submarine sunk in the Channel, 8th October 1939.
German Submarine sunk off Folkestone, 29th August 1918
Steamship, sunk off Folkestone, 2nd May 1915.