2nd May 1918 S.S. UNITY Sunk off Folkestone

The British Steamship “Unity”, was built IN 1902 by Murdoch & Murray, Port Glasgow,

Operator Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Co., Goole,

1,091 tons, 247ft: Triple Expansion Engine.

On 2nd May 1918, the S.S. Unity was on route from Newhaven to Calais with Military Ordinance Stores, when she was torpedoed off 9 miles South East of Folkestone by the German Submarine UB-57 under command of Johannes Lohs. Twelve of S.S. Unity’s crew were killed, her Captain was amongst the survivors.


Sunk off Folkestone on 2nd May 1918


APPLEYARD, Ernest Henry. Fireman, Mercantile Marine. Age 37

BATEMAN, William Goodall. Fireman, Mercantile Marine. Age 24

CREASER, Edward, Able Seaman, Mercantile Marine. Age 32

GIBSON, Thomas William, Fireman, Mercantile Marine. Age 42

HANSOME, Charles James, Fireman, Mercantile Marine. Age 18

HETERICK, Fred Hounslow, Chief Officer, Mercantile Marine. Age 48

JONES, John, Fireman, Mercantile Marine. Age 34

ROCKETT, John, Able Seaman, Mercantile Marine. Age 65

THOMPSON, A, Chief Engineer, Mercantile Marine. Age 39

WHITEHEAD, Frederick Edward, Fireman, Mercantile Marine. Age 46

WALSH, John, Leading Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve. Age 22

WEST, Seth, Able Seaman, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. Age 20

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission

We should remember them.

This shipwreck is not protected as an offical War Grave.

However WW1 mementoes or souvenirs taken by divers from this shipwreck including the bones of the dead, should be reported to the Receiver of Wreck. https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/receiver-of-wreck